„The world speaks many languages – join the conversation“.


Welcome!     Herzlich willkommen!     Serdecznie witam!

Do you want to be successful in a foreign language – while in a modern and active learning environment?

Do you wish to understand cultural differences and country specific, non-verbal communication nuances in private or business contexts?

If yes, then you’ve found the right place!

I’m Dorothea Nowak and I’m a German-language specialist , vocal coach and a German/Polish translator.
I can not only help you to make vast improvements in your German or Polish language skills, but also will be able to improve your ability to sustain what you’ve learned.

Do you want to broaden your vocabulary?
Do you want to become more confident in business and private environments?
Do you need help interacting in multicultural settings?
Do you want to more easily handle situations with foreign business partners?
Do you want to understand grammar and take part in classroom lessons that are active and creatively structured? -no problem.

Each lesson plan is customized to fit your language needs and priorities, but also comply with international standards Common European Framework – Levels A1 through C1.

Come and see what we can offer you!